Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Crime Report from Plaza-Midwood

The below was posted on Plaza-Midwood's crime blog. Please continue to watch out for yourselves and neighbors, and always check credentials! If you see anything like this in progress, contact 911, followed by David at AT&T at (704) 724-6243.

"I was going to inform you of an incident at my house on Wednesday July 22. I had two white guys in a white Toyota truck with AT&T on the side come to my house and I was not home.
My neighbor saw them and called me, I informed her I did not have AT&T. She watched the guys and they rang the doorbell and no one was at home so they then went and opened my fence gate and started in the back yard. She yelled and questioned the guys and they gave her a story about a work order etc. They did not have the work order or my name. She called me and I spoke with the gentlemen and nothing was making sense. I called AT&T and their security division called me back and informed me they do not have Toyota trucks nor was anyone
scheduled for a service call in the area yesterday at that time. AT&T has alerted their drivers and security division to be on the lookout for this truck ... David at AT&T ... said all AT&T reps wear khaki pants and an AT&T shirt with a ID around their neck which these guys were not wearing."