Saturday, November 8, 2008

Additional Updates

The Observer's new article gives some more details on the crime, along with reaction from local retailers. The latest account corrects earlier reporting, and states that Richard Jordan has been convicted of several crimes.
Last night WSOC-TV additionally reported that Jordan spent six years in prison. According to that report he has confessed to the murders. This article on WSOC's website quotes CMPD's Captain Jeff Estes: "Center city has the lowest violent crime rate in the city, so this is very rare for this to happen... We want to make it clear to the public and people living in the area that this is not a random act of violence.”
At our November meeting, CMPD will supplement their typical monthly report with information on personal safety. If you have not met our Community Officers I would recommend coming out to meet them. They will be available, as always, for Q & A during the meeting.