Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Suspicious Persons Alert

Thanks to the Clarkson Place Community Watch for this update:
"This morning (1/13) at approximately 9 AM two individuals were spotted walking through the neighborhood and stopping to assess the contents of each unit's carport ... The individuals then walked down the path between [and over the back fences of] units ...
The two then entered a grey Chevrolet sedan with NC tags (blue letters/numbers) parked on Westbrook Drive near Victoria Avenue, turned around and left the neighborhood via Clarkson Street to Greenleaf Avenue to Cedar Street toward Morehead Street.
The individuals were not J&W students. They were two black males of average height. One was wearing a light hooded black and grey jacket with a paisley/grey print on the hood. The other individual had short-cut hair, was wearing a long-sleeve black t-shirt under a short-sleeve bright red t-shirt.
The two flags that tipped them off as being suspicious were that they were not wearing appropriate clothing for the weather and their behavior when walking past the units. Going behind the units and looking over the fences only enforced the suspicion.
The police were called and advised that it was best that they were alerted to the individuals and that the rest of the neighborhood should be alerted.
Police are advising that thefts are going be on the rise with the oncoming cold and with the economic situation. Please be sure your doors are locked and items are not left in your breezeway. Also it is a good idea to latch (better to lock) your back gate and to keep your front gate closed and latched. An open front gate is an invitation.
And please, if you see anything suspicious please call the police (911) ASAP with the best description you can provide. While they not be able to get there immediately they may be able to find the suspicious persons in the vicinity."