Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Airport Sprinter Follow-up

The routing for the Airport Sprinter bus line has been determined. The line, which will serve Uptown employment and hospitality centers, was originally proposed to utilize South Cedar Street to connect from West Trade Street to West Morehead Street.

These excerpts are taken from a forthcoming letter from CATS to the neighborhood association:
  • "Based on a thorough analysis of all factors ... including; the analysis of Uptown routings encompassing the option you proposed, ridership potential, and stakeholder meetings, the project team has decided that an alternate routing will be used at this time."
  • "The selected route will stay along West Trade Street and will use I-77 for the connection to West Morehead Street. The primary factor influencing this decision was the issue of the tight turning radius at the intersection of South Cedar Street and West Morehead Street, which created an unsafe turn for the bus in the outbound direction."
  • "South Cedar Street .. is still viewed by CATS as the preferred routing for the Enhanced Bus service ... a precursor to the future West Corridor Streetcar [According to the 2030 Corridor System Plan adopted by the MTC in 2006, design will begin for this line in 2029.]."
  • "When the opportunity arises to improve the conditions at the intersection of South Cedar Street and West Morehead Street, CATS will reevaluate the possible operation of the Sprinter Airport Enhanced Bus service along South Cedar Street. We will certainly include the Third Ward Association in any discussions of that nature."
When the official letter is received, I will post it on third-ward.org. Thank you to the residents and board who offered their efforts and feedback in service of Third Ward's interests on this project.