Thursday, March 19, 2009

CMU Water Main Update

"This morning’s scattered reports of low pressure and discolored water from the immediate vicinity of the 5th/6th Street water main break have subsided. The broken section of the water main has been isolated (valved off) right at 6th street, in front of the entrance to Elmwood Cemetery.We currently are not aware of any discolored water or low pressure problems due to this 20-inch water main break. Lab techs have been monitoring water quality as needed to ensure the drinking water is safe. It will take some time to pump out the standing water at the break site, pinpoint the precise problem and necessary repair, then fix the pipe and the street but in the meantime there is no major traffic impact nor water service interruption. In fact this repair at 6th will likely be delayed until after we complete another scheduled pipe tie-in project that began near downtown yesterday (the connection of the new 36 inch water main to the 54 inch water main, in front of the YMCA on Morehead). Work on Morehead Street is making significant progress.For now, sixth street (a 1-way) remains closed at Graham and motorists are being detoured right or left onto Graham Street.We do not expect further water quality or pressure issues, but if they occur customers should immediately report them to 311 and we will respond."