Monday, March 23, 2009

Cool Water

It has been a big week for water! From CMU:
"Crews successfully connected a new 36-inch water pipe to the existing 54-inch water main under Morehead Street (near Dowd YMCA). This important connection will enhance water service in the center city.
This morning crews will reopen the valves near South Boulevard, South Tryon, Caldwell Street, and Clarkson Street. Some customers may briefly experience slightly discolored water. This is temporary – the water will clear up shortly. Crews will be flushing hydrants. To help with this process, customers may want to run their cold water tap for a few minutes, until the water clears up.
Also – Traffic on 6th Street is being detoured onto Graham Street until Tuesday as crews finish roadwork near 5th street / Elmwood Cemetery area."