Monday, May 18, 2009

DonorsChoose, Continued

The second DonorsChoose gift was to Irwin Avenue Elementary, a school in Third Ward. The association funded a project entitled Learning About Our Neighborhood, described as follows: "The second grade is going to start a new social studies unit. We are requesting construction paper and card stock to for projects that will share what the children learned. The children will be learning about how things changed over time and the impact of these changes. We would like the children to create graphic organizers and field trip journals. Our classes will be going on a walking field trip through the historical neighborhood where is school is located. Students will be able to see turn of the century homes and building in contrast to the skyscrapers above the tree line in the park."
Mrs. E, the instructor who set up the project, sends her thanks: "Dear Third Ward Neighborhood Association, thank you for your generous donation to my class. It was wonderful the way you responded to this need so quickly. My students learn best when they can do hands-on activities. The supplies will make learning more fun and interesting. These materials are so appreciated. We are so lucky that there are people like you who want to give to our class. Thank you for your donation and kindness."