Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Streetcars & Pygmy Goats

Charlotte's City Council is considering resolutions to fund preliminary engineering for a Streetcar system, and whether to lift the ban on pygmy goats as pets. In very different ways, these affect our quality of life as Third Ward residents.
Today's Observer reports upon the challenges to funding Streetcar engineering. Chief among them is the fact that a funding scheme for the line, which was once promised to be operational less than a decade from now, has disappeared. Proponents of the Streetcar are now considering a Municipal Services District that would tax property owners near the Streetcar to fund a portion of costs. It has yet to be demonstrated why the Streetcar - one part of a countywide transit system - should be funded through different means than the remainder of the system.
See this article from WBTV to better understand what is at stake with pygmy goats. This has become a contentious issue in Fourth Ward as residents have resisted the reclassification of livestock as pets.
Your thoughts are always welcome. Please send me your opinions on either of these subjects. For information on contacting District 2 Councilman James Mitchell and the other City Council members, see Third Ward's Living Here page.