Tuesday, October 20, 2009

IBM Donation to Irwin Avenue Elementary School

Excerpted from press release: "On October 30, 2009, Irwin IB Elementary School in Uptown Charlotte will receive $10,000 of KidSmart technology centers from IBM. 
IBM’s KidSmart program includes the Young Explorer, a computer housed in brightly-colored, kid-friendly Little Tikes furniture and equipped with award-winning educational software to help children learn and explore concepts in math, science and language. The computer centers can also help children learn important socialization skills such as how to work together and share. Exploration and socialization skills are important to prepare children for future success in school, help level the playing field and ensure all children have access to educational tools. (www.kidsmartearlylearning.org)
IBM is trying to bridge the digital divide through the KidSmart program.  Studies show that the KidSmart program leads to substantial improvements in teaching and learning and to significant positive outcomes for children and teachers.  Teachers participating KidSmart are also more confident in their approach to using computers in their classrooms.
The partnership with Irwin IB Elementary is a great fit for IBM, whose Uptown offices are just blocks from the school."