Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rezoning Update

On Friday the Charlotte Business Journal reported on the proposed Sycamore @Gateway development adjacent to Irwin Avenue Elementary school, including opposition in Third Ward.  Over the past several months, the association has sought collaboration with the developer to find a mutually acceptable plan that is both appropriate to the context of the site and responsive to planning documents.  The association additionally has requested that numerous informational gaps in the proposal be filled (as earlier reported).  The developer has incorrectly reported the nature of these concerns in rezoning filings; see these letters - 1, 2 - specifying the association's concerns in detail.
To date, the developer has failed to respond to the bulk of the neighborhood's concerns, and asked that the presentations related to the development not be published on third-ward.org.  The association will continue to pursue further transparency and cooperation from the developer.  It is worth noting that this is the Third Ward Neighborhood Association's first opposition to a rezoning proposal in recent memory.
If you are interested in more detail, please contact me with questions.  Thank you!