Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Third Ward / Year in Review

Good afternoon and “good-bye” to 2009!

Despite challenging economic conditions, the year had much to offer Third Ward.  The design phase of our brand/identity program, developed with Little Red Bird, came to a conclusion with a heralded new logo and tagline: “It’s here.”  In a year when Charlotte’s ambition took some hits, this has been a timely reminder to celebrate what we have: A neighborhood that is both urban and pastoral, rich with history and vitality, and filled with beautiful places, kind neighbors, and plenty to do.

One of 2009’s best things to do was attend the Summer Tailgate!  Thanks to a partnership with the Carolina Panthers and Hartigan’s Irish Pub, more than one hundred neighbors and friends enjoyed food, camaraderie, and stadium tours to kick off NFL season, benefiting the Charlotte Rescue Mission.

We also extend our appreciation to Pie Town, and sister restaurant Press, for hosting neighborhood socials and the second annual Condominium Presidents Forum, with discounted or donated food and drink for all events.  We are grateful to have you in the neighborhood and will offer our continued patronage.

The same goes to the Gateway Village YMCA, our home base for neighborhood business meetings including the Mayoral Candidates Forum, featuring candidates Anthony Foxx and John Lassiter.  Thank you for being our gracious host and partner!

Like last year, I want to honor a neighborhood resident who exhibits exemplary dedication to her community.  For 2009 the honoree is Tracey Wopperer.  This year Tracey served on the brand/identity committee, led the community garden, and helped organize the Summer Tailgate as well.  She is the newly-elected president of her condominium association and will join the Third Ward board of directors in January – not to mention her other civic and professional pursuits.  Please join me in thanking Tracey for everything she does on behalf of Third Ward.

Four other new directors are joining Third Ward’s board too.  Along with Tracey, please welcome Jason Fuchs, Lex Jones, Gray Pendleton, and Mike Sposato.  Eric Davis, Matt Hunoval, and Ginny Woolard will carry over, as will I.  Rev. Tony Marciano, Robyn Riordan, and Beth Springston are stepping down.

Every member of the board commits his/her time and resources to preserve and enhance Third Ward’s quality of life, for all of us.  We are truly fortunate to have their support.  To board members past, present, and future: Thank you!

In closing, please remember the Charlotte Rescue Mission and the Irwin Avenue Elementary School needs list in your holiday giving.  And if you are looking for a neighborhood-specific item, check out the Third Ward Shop!

Happy holidays!  We’ll be back in January.


John Schwaller
Third Ward Neighborhood Association