Monday, January 4, 2010

Rezoning Update

Last month the Third Ward Neighborhood Association joined with Friends of Fourth Ward and Charlotte Center City Partners to seek a delay of the public hearing for rezoning petition 2009-074.  After this broadened expression of community concern, the petitioner complied.
Perhaps as early as this week, representatives of Third Ward and other community and governmental organizations will meet with the developer at the Planning Department to discuss options for the site.  Bringing all the stakeholders together has been the recommendation of the Third Ward Neighborhood Association since October, as the proposed development does not observe the standards of Planning documents currently applicable to the area. (However, the Planning Department has recommended approval of the petition.  As noted in this Observer article, the Derita-Statesville Road Community Organization faces a similar situation.)
The Third Ward Neighborhood Association has spent considerable energy cultivating the input of residents, adjacent neighborhoods, and other stakeholders.  Concerns have ranged from particular zoning conditions (architectural materials, traffic, etc.), to the compatibility of an intense development among townhomes and bungalows, to the creation of "barrier conditions" between neighborhoods.
Third Ward is not a stranger to new development and will continue to promote intentional, responsible planning that reflects the values of residents/homeowners.  Please stay tuned for further updates.