Monday, March 8, 2010

"An Episcopal High School for Charlotte"

A steering committee has been formed to pursue a new private Episcopal high school in or near Uptown.  According to the committee's documentation:

  • The school would be located on "8 to 10 acres in close proximity to center city, accessible by public transit."  
  • Its students "will be challenged by a demanding academic program, encouraged to develop leadership skills in and out of the classroom and immersed in values that spur them to engage with the challenges that face our city, nation and world"
  • The school will attract "students and families from across the region to a place of learning that is urban in its setting and orientation and broad-minded and inclusive in its approach to faith studies"
The committee has reached out to center city neighborhood associations in order to gauge interest and support; representatives will visit the Third Ward Neighborhood Association in April.  For more information, see