Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rezoning Petition / Speak Out Tonight

Tonight, representatives of the Third Ward Neighborhood Association and Friends of Fourth Ward will speak to the City Council in opposition to rezoning petition 2009-074.  

The petition seeks to allow the development of three structures of six, twelve, and twenty stories on the site bordering Irwin Avenue Elementary SchoolElmwood-Pinewood Cemetery, and Ray's Splash Planet.  Information on the petition has been posted on, and aerial photographs are on the Facebook page.

The Third Ward board of directors has moved to oppose the petition.  Though numerous reasons have been cited, for the sake of brevity I will share the two primary reasons:
  • First, the proposed development would be far out of scale with existing buildings and residences in the area - including historic bungalows and new townhomes - which do not exceed three stories in height.  The historic nature of the area, including the cemetery, would be threatened by such intense development.
  • Second, the proposal is inconsistent with the Planning Department's area plan, A Third Ward Future.  A Third Ward Future, co-authored by legendary planner (and former neighborhood resident) Warren Burgess, recommends that development in this part of Third Ward be limited to six stories to respect its residential character.
Please feel free to join me and other neighborhood leaders at tonight's public hearing, which will begin at 6:00p at the Government Center.  If you are unable to attend, please consider contacting our elected representatives to notify them of your opposition to rezoning petition 2009-074.  An e-mail list follows for your use:

As always, more information is available on, from me, or other board members.  Thank you for your support.