Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bike Festival/Bike Safety

2010 BIKE! Charlotte kicks off today with events running (riding?) through May 16th, including  the Mayor's Ride, Tour de Light Rail, and the Cycle Charlotte Festival.  For more information, see
With bike use comes the need for bike safety.  A couple of residents in neighboring Fourth Ward had their bikes stolen from a parking deck bike rack recently.  Most bicycle thefts result from unlocked or improperly locked bikes.  Following these tips will help prevent your bike from being stolen:

  • Never leave your bike unlocked.
  • Use a high quality U-lock or very thick chain; for added security use both.
  • Lock your bike in a well lighted and highly visible location.
  • Lock your wheel and bike frame to a sturdy, firmly anchored object such as a bike rack or post.
  • Keep a photograph and the serial number of your bike.  Provide these to the police if reporting a stolen bicycle.