Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Utilities Inspection Alert

"As part of our efforts to enhance customer service, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities has hired an independent contractor to perform an audit on water meter equipment that will begin ... Wednesday, May 19. Vanguard Utility Service, Inc. will be auditing 9,000 residential customer meters countywide over the next seven weeks. Here are a few details we’d like to share about the project:

  • This audit complements billing quality assurance processes already in place and will give us a good snapshot of how meter equipment is functioning in the field.
  • The sites selected are meter reading routes that represent a cross-section of transmitter types, water consumption and geography.
  • No action is required by customers, and the auditor will not need to enter homes. The auditor will perform an inspection at the meter box and will conduct a “flow test” by running water briefly from an outdoor spigot. This ensures the meter equipment is accurately measuring water use.
  • Vanguard auditors will drive marked vehicles and will be wearing identification. (See photo.)
  • Auditors will leave a door hanger with their findings. If they identify a problem, a Utilities crew will be dispatched to correct it as soon as possible. If the problem had affected the customer’s bill, it will be adjusted accordingly.

We are committed to ensuring accurate billing, and we’ll be sharing the results of this audit with our customers. Please visit www.cmutilities.com for more details on the meter equipment audit and our FY 2011 budget and rates. This meter equipment audit is one of nine projects initiated in February to improve customer service. Please click here for information on the City-sponsored Customer Service Evaluation."
As always, if you see any activity that seems suspicious, call 911 immediately.