Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2010 Quality of Life Report

The City of Charlotte's 2010 Quality of Life Report was released yesterday.  Third Ward's metrics - which consider the area shown in the below map - have once again reflected a "Stable, Trending Up" quality of life:
"[Stable NSAs] exhibit few neighborhood level problems. These are neighborhoods that score high on the social, physical, crime, and economic dimensions. Compared to other NSAs, the Stable grouping has a significant higher quality of life than the city average conditions."
Since the 2008 report, Third Ward's population has increased to 2,856, with a decrease in the youth population and increase in persons over 64.  Housing units have increased to 1,343, and average house value has increased to $313,704 (versus a city average of $228,128).
Fully 100% of Third Ward residents have access to public transportation.  Though slight increases were recorded in the Crime measurements, Third Ward had the lowest rates of crime compared to other Uptown neighborhoods - in every category.
Read the full report, including definitions, here.  Thanks to Keith Hall for sharing the link!