Wednesday, September 29, 2010

CMS Proposal re: Irwin Avenue Elementary School (updated ~2:00p)

[Updated portion in bold italics.]
The Charlotte Observer reports that Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools has included Irwin Avenue Elementary School on its list for closure with school restructuring.  The school would be repurposed for administrative offices.
While the outcome is not yet known, acceptance of the proposal will certainly have an effect on educational options for children in Uptown neighborhoods including Third Ward.  Secondary factors such as land use and property values are also expected to be impacted.
I have contacted Charlotte Center City Partners to determine if the organization has released a statement on the CMS announcements regarding Center City schools.  Please utilize this contact address to submit your own feedback.
Irwin Avenue Elementary School is adjacent to a multiacre parcel, also owned by CMS, that was recently rezoned for the proposed Sycamore @Gateway project.  CMS had ventured to trade the land to private developers in exchange for the developers' promise to build 25,000 square feet of administrative space for CMS use.  The rezoning was successful despite its failure to meet Planning guidelines and vigorous opposition from the Third Ward Neighborhood Association, Friends of Fourth Ward, and several other community organizations.  A CMS representative stated today that the organization does not intend to move forward with the land trade.
Please stay tuned for more updates.