Thursday, October 28, 2010

Schools, Schools, and Schools

Public Schools: Last month it was announced that CMS plans to close Irwin Avenue Elementary and shift students elsewhere.  The new boundary proposals published Sunday do not directly indicate plans for students currently assigned to Irwin Avenue Elementary.  Several sources have indicated that Dilworth Elementary could accommodate Third Ward and Fourth Ward students, though some current maps seem to indicate that both neighborhoods’ students will be districted to Ashley Park Elementary.

One potentially positive outcome is the consolidation of two CMS administrative centers at Irwin Avenue Elementary, which could bring a new major employment center to the neighborhood.

Episcopal High School: The nascent Episcopal High School of Charlotte has extended an invitation to learn about the new school: “Advisor Dennis Richter and other members of the site team will be on hand to answer questions about the site and the plans for renovation [of the Hawthorne Mill for the school’s use].  We'll talk about how the preservation, the environmental impact and the community integration of the physical school will support the mission of the EHS.”

The event takes place at 7:00p on Monday, November 1st at Christ Episcopal Church.

"Waiting for Superman": At 7:30a on Monday, November 1st, Katie Crompton and Allison Watkins will respond to the acclaimed documentary film 'Waiting for Superman'.  You are invited to join the event, sponsored by the Charlotte Top Of The Week Rotary Club, at Taste Restaurant in Founders Hall.

"Allison Watkins finished her two year stint as a third grade 'Teach For America' Teacher at Irwin Avenue Elementary School last June where Katie Crompton currently teaches and just returned from a national Conference of Outstanding Teachers from 50 states."

Call Chuck Sawicki at (704) 334-8202 for more information.