Friday, November 12, 2010

Elementary School Update

I know everyone has been keeping an eye on school changes affecting the neighborhood.  As a parent myself, I know also that school choice is a family's own decision, so be assured that the association will not play a role in that.  However, some information has been provided to me that is worth sharing.

A surprise outcome of CMS deliberations is that Irwin Avenue Elementary will not become an administrative center, but will instead become home to the current Villa Heights Elementary school.  Villa Heights is a K-5 learning immersion and talent development magnet program, and was one of the ten highest scoring elementary schools in CMS in 2009.  Its NC School Report Card can be found here; the school is categorized as an "Honor School of Excellence," the highest rating.  Paul Reali, president of the Villa Heights PTA (website), has already reached out to me via e-mail.

To be sure, the "home school" for Third Ward and Fourth Ward will be Ashley Park Elementary.  The NC School Report Cards website categorizes Ashley Park as as "Low Performing," its lowest rating.  However, Mr. Reali indicated that  children in the neighborhood of a magnet program have an advantage in the school lottery.  CMS information on applying for the lottery can be found here.  Please note the deadlines.

If you are interested in being included in a neighborhood e-mail list of parents and others interested in schools, please contact me.  With sufficient interest, there will be an opportunity to have Mr. Reali speak at a neighborhood meeting.