Tuesday, November 9, 2010

School Vote Tonight

The school board will vote tonight on school closures including Irwin Avenue Elementary School.  Superintendent Peter Gorman has recommended approval of this motion assigning students of Third Ward (and Fourth Ward) to Ashley Park Elementary School.

Charlotte Center City Partners VP of Urban Living Darlene Heater sent the following to Uptown neighborhood leaders last week:

"All, As you probably are aware, CMS is proposing system-wide changes to Charlotte’s public schools.  I am providing the attached [1, 2] summary of how proposed changes may impact Uptown and South End (to the best of my knowledge and understanding).

Michael Smith and I have been advocating for CMS and the board of education to consider Center City as one neighborhood.  Further, we propose that all Center City students be assigned to the Dilworth/Alexander Graham/Myers Park feeder.  We have talked with CMS staff (Dennis LaCaria and Pete Gorman), met personally with Board Chair Eric Davis, and have contacted Board of Education members.

We have elected to advocate directly with CMS staff and board members and feel this strategy will provide a better opportunity to engage decision makers in meaningful dialogue than taking a public stand for/against proposals in these highly emotional public forums.

We encourage you to advocate to CMS board members too.
Irwin Elementary is in District 3 - Joyce Waddell
Dilworth Elementary is in District 4 - Tom Tate
Alexander Graham is in District 5 - Eric Davis
Myers Park High is in District 5 - Eric Davis
At large board members are:  Kaye McGarry, Trent Merchant, Coach Joe White

We want you to know that we feel this is a priority issue for Center City and that we are advocating for our Center City residents and students.

Call or email me if you have any questions.