Monday, November 29, 2010

ULI Report: West Trade Street/Beatties Ford Road Corridor

Pat Mumford, executive of the City's Neighborhood & Business Services department, sends the following:
"I am pleased to share with you the final report from the Urban Land Institute’s Technical Advisory Panel for the Beatties Ford West Trade Corridor. Your input and support was invaluable to the Panel as they completed their work. The report clearly recognizes the good work and great plans already in place for the study area and provides a pathway for helping realize those plans. It also presents some new ideas that can help strengthen and grow the corridor.
The report and its findings have been recently presented to and supported by City Council and its Economic Development Committee. Neighborhood and Business Services staff is already working closely with Johnson C. Smith University and local property owners to begin implementation of some of the plan recommendations. We will continue to work in partnership with stakeholders to help implement the collective vision for the Beatties Ford/West Trade corridor."
The bulk of the study area occurs west of I-77, so Third Ward (and Fourth Ward) make up a small part of the report.  However, all development along the West Trade corridor between Gateway Station and Johnson C. Smith University is of interest to Third Ward.  Happy reading.