Friday, December 17, 2010

Third Ward / Year in Review

Good afternoon!  It has become an annual tradition to celebrate the closing year with a summary of the year’s activities.  The watchword for the Third Ward Neighborhood Association in 2010 is stability.  The association is now a resident- and homeowner-focused, dues-supported organization.  We have a solid core of active board members, and will welcome more in 2011.  We have popular, sustained annual events like the Tailgate and Condominium Presidents’ Forum.  What were once new initiatives are now business as usual.

Milestones for the year include the bountiful success of the community garden, real progress toward the development of Gateway Station, top-notch ratings in the City’s quality of life report, and vocal endorsement of the residential fabric so valuable to our beautiful neighborhood.  In 2011, I look forward to keeping focus on our sense of community and identity, with due attention to quality of life.  As always, stay tuned.

With the board, I am pleased to continue another tradition in acknowledging a resident who exhibited strong dedication to Third Ward.  In addition to her leadership at Cedar Street Commons, Lindsay Hazelman oversaw the neighborhood’s application for an Energy Efficiency Grant this summer, earning the support and participation of many others.  Thank you Lindsay for your hard work!  We are excited to give you this gift as a token of our appreciation.

Thanks to all of our sponsors, partners, and members, especially the board.  I am personally grateful for the dedicated CMPD officers who visit our meetings every month and keep us safe every day.

A final thanks to Eric Davis, past president, who will complete ten years in neighborhood leadership when he steps down this month.  Thank you Eric for all of your work!

You will notice that the button at the upper right now reads 2011 Membership.  Please consider supporting the association!  2010 members have already received the 2010 Annual Report.

Happy holidays, and happy new year!

John Schwaller
Third Ward Neighborhood Association