Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Charlotte Center City Partners Update

Last fall the association opened a new channel of communication between residents and Charlotte Center City Partners through the e-mail address  Thank you to those who contributed their thoughts, both in general and regarding topical issues such as the City Market, which were submitted (anonymously) to CCCP.  Please also be reminded that this channel remains open for additional feedback going forward, and that the informational worksheet "Neighborhood Associations and Charlotte Center City Partners" will remain accessible under our Documents page.
Utilizing your feedback and my own experiences as guidance, I have been working with Michael Smith, Darlene Heater, and Moira Quinn to improve and clarify how the goals of residents are included in CCCP's program of work.  At its conclusion I intend to amend this process to the worksheet noted above.  For now, please find the following three documents, currently in draft form, that CCCP will use to guide its work this year:

One of my initial suggestions was to identify the specific priorities of the First, Third, and Fourth Wards (rather than simply "Uptown neighborhoods," which does not illustrate our distinctive goals).  Soon I will have a better understanding of the role residents and the association will play in ensuring our goals are reflected.
In the meantime, feel free to submit your thoughts to as well.