Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Irwin Avenue School Update

Last week I met with the principal and PTA representatives of the Villa Heights Academic Center.  The Learning Immersion & Talent Development Center will relocate its highly-rated program to Third Ward's Irwin Avenue school beginning in the 2011-12 school year.  Two key issues emerged from our discussion:

  1. Because of its location, the "walk zone" surrounding the school is largely captured by Elmwood/Pinewood Cemetery.  Because students living in the walk zone enjoy preferential treatment in the magnet lottery, I have requested that this zone be expanded southward to capture more homes/students in Third Ward.
  2. The school will adjust or change its name to reflect its magnet status and new program.  In the very near future, an e-mail survey will be distributed to Third Ward requesting feedback on the new or updated name.
The school's representatives are very eager to connect with Third Ward parents and other residents, as they already have our neighbors in Wesley Heights.  Those with an interest in the school should attend or coordinate one of the following:
If you would like to contact the PTA president, Paul Reali, his e-mail address is paulreali@gmail.com.

Darlene Heater of Charlotte Center City Partners has focused her time and energy on this issue as well, having reached out to CMS administration regarding student assignment/planning for all Uptown neighborhoods, as well as facilities, the magnet program office, and the principals.

(A CMS official has confirmed that the land trade agreement for the site adjacent to the school, which would have facilitated the unpopular Sycamore @Gateway development, will not proceed.)

I will post more information as it becomes available.