Thursday, February 3, 2011


Thanks to our CMPD officers for submitting this month's report, as well as an update on residential burglaries elsewhere in Charlotte.  While it is important to note these have not affected Third Ward, an officer has noted that perpetrators are "very mobile through the city."  There is often a spike in residential burglaries in the springtime, so please be wise and read through the following: "North, South and Steele Creek divisions have been targeted by this group of residential burglary suspects for the last week. Their primary vehicle has been a red Dodge Durango [South Carolina license plate FZG 570] rented from Sam’s Auto Rental’s Fort Mill (SC) office. North Division officers stopped this vehicle on a traffic violation on Jan. 27th and issued a citation to the driver. [In another incident in the Stone Grove Community in the Steele Creek Division,] the suspects were casing the home and pretended to have vehicle problems, by opening the hood of the SUV."
Call 911 immediately whenever suspicious activity is seen.