Friday, February 25, 2011

Proposed Noise Ordinance Changes

With thanks to Darlene Heater from Charlotte Center City Partners: Please be aware of proposed revisions to the City noise ordinance, which would alter permitting requirements for restaurants/bars near residents.  While the present ordinance requires permitting for live, outdoor amplified music within 1,000 feet of a residence, the revisions would reduce that to 400 feet.
The proposed changes and draft ordinance are here.  Please recognize that even if the proposed changes are adopted, this is still a complaint driven process; i.e., complaints must be registered by residents.
Patrick Cannon and Patsy Kinsey chair the public safety committee, which is presently reviewing the issue.  Other members include Edwin Peacock, Andy Dulin, and Michael Barnes.
If you are interested in commenting on this change, the best course of action is to e-mail the below representatives and copy to ensure the neighborhood association is aware of your feedback.  Thanks!

Patrick Cannon:
Patsy Kinsey:
Edwin Peacock:
Andy Dulin:
Michael Barnes: