Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ballpark Opponent Has "Nothing More to Say"

WSOC reports that Jerry Reese, who has opposed the Charlotte Knights stadium long planned for Third Ward, has lost his final lawsuit.  Reese did not vow to continue his opposition, as he has in the past.
The stadium was planned for Third Ward as part of the "land swap" engineered by Charlotte Center City Partners, which also created plans for a residential renewal in Second Ward/Brooklyn.  Romare Bearden Park was shifted south and east, away from its original location, to make room for the stadium.  The extended schedule associated with this change, along with Mr. Reese's lawsuits, ultimately delayed construction of both projects indefinitely.
In an Observer article, Knights Vice President/General Manager Dan Rajkowski reaffirms the team's plans to be Uptown "eventually."  CCCP's Michael Smith acknowledges the stadium can't be built at this time, but wants the option preserved for the future.
Clearly, whatever is decided has an impact on quality of life for Third Ward residents and homeowners.  What do you think?  When will Third Ward get its stadium and park?  Is there a better plan?  Join the conversation at Third Ward's Facebook page.