Thursday, March 3, 2011

CCCP Update

It is well-known that last fall the neighborhood association and Charlotte Center City Partners (CCCP) opened new lines of communication including Thanks to your feedback, I have been able to work with CCCP to identify and implement ways we can work better together. These include:
  1. Clarifying the process and annual timeline for sharing neighborhood priorities, and having them included in CCCP's program of work (template).
  2. Ceasing the combination of the distinct communities in First Ward, Third Ward, and Fourth Ward into a too-general "Uptown neighborhoods" category in CCCP reporting. CCCP will begin identifying the neighborhoods - and their respective programs of work - separately.
  3. Successfully seeking private funding for the City Market. A grassroots Friends of the City Market group has been launched by former Friends of Fourth Ward president Rob Cummings (contact).
  4. Launching a resident survey. A telephone survey, followed by a series of focus groups, are planned to better understand the quality of life, needs, wants, etc. for Uptown residents. Please, please take the opportunity to participate if you are called upon. This information will be translated into "actionable data"; in other words, used to ensure CCCP's program of work is relevant to the residents who fund it.
  5. Including more information about neighborhoods in the annual State of the Center City report.
  6. Initiating a quarterly newsletter to inform stakeholders (including residents) of CCCP's activities. This will be distributed to all CCCP constituents, again including residents.
  7. Reviewing the need for additional seats on CCCP's board for residents. As has been shared previously, only two seats (of 25 voting, roughly 38 total) are earmarked for residents at this time. I believe the addition of seats for residents will 1) invite more inclusion of resident priorities, and 2) encourage/require residents to take a more active role.
  8. Posting information on CCCP's board, governance, and finances on their website for public accessibility.
  9. Continue the efforts of VP of Urban Living Darlene Heater, and regular meetings between neighborhood association presidents and President/CEO Michael Smith.
Altogether, I believe these are positive steps forward that will enhance the relationship between our neighborhood association and CCCP. Of course there is still work to be done. If this is a topic that interests you, please stay informed and stay in touch with me via (or