Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Third Ward Transition / Mike Sposato & Tracey Wopperer / Farewell

Thanks for reading through this important announcement.  This week I will step down as president of the Third Ward Neighborhood Association as my family prepares for an out-of-state move.  I am very pleased to report that board members Mike Sposato and Tracey Wopperer will assume the roles of president and vice-president, respectively.

Many of you know Mike as a business and property owner who has been active in condominium association leadership and neighborhood activities like the Third Ward Tailgate.  Mike is organized and very motivated to begin.  I know he will do an excellent job keeping focus on key issues concerning residents and homeowners.

Likewise, you know Tracey from her work on the Tailgate, community garden, and branding initiative, for which the association honored her in 2009.  She has also served in condominium association leadership, as well as numerous other civic activities.  Tracey is another excellent representative for Third Ward, and I encourage you to be in touch with her and Mike directly.  I will remain in service to the neighborhood through the duration of the upcoming signage project, and as a resource to Mike, Tracey, and the rest of the board as needed.

This isn't the Oscars, but I will enjoy having your attention one last time :) Please accept my thanks for your support over the past three years, with extra-special thanks for the exceptional efforts of the board, Darlene Heater, Little Red Bird, Hartigan's Irish Pub, and my lovely and patient wife Jennifer.  A few closing thoughts...

I hope that you enjoy the close sense of community that my family has found here.  This is a distinct, remarkable neighborhood with a singular identity in Charlotte.  I hope you are as proud as I am to live in Third Ward.

I hope that Third Ward's sense of hospitality remains strong.  Having adopted a university and (at least one) stadium as our own, with much more on the horizon, we must be the most welcoming neighborhood around.  That said, I hope the neighborhood continues to celebrate and protect its residential quality of life too.

Finally, I hope that you consider Third Ward citizenship compelling, even demanding, as so many board members and volunteers do.  The neighborhood association is hard-wired to connect with you, and the same could be said of Irwin Avenue School, Charlotte Center City Partners, and the Gateway Village YMCA.  There are great ideas, but absolutely nothing happens without people who show up ready to get their hands dirty.  People like that make this neighborhood great.

The next meeting will be Monday, April 18th, 6:00p at the Gateway Village YMCA, with guest speaker Joe Frey of the Johnson & Wales Way/West Fourth Street Extension project.  Hope you can make it.

Thanks again,

John Schwaller
Third Ward Neighborhood Association