Wednesday, August 29, 2012

3rd Ward Parking during DNC

During the DNC, it is advised that Third Ward residents use their Stadium Event hang tags when parking on-street.  If in a residential parking permit program area, please park vehicles with decals only on-street.

The City will begin installing “No Parking, Residents Only” signs on entries to the neighborhood, and periodically throughout the neighborhood on August 31.  We will target Third Ward heavily during the Coalition Parade on 9/2 and on Thursday, September 6.  Other days (9/1, 9/3-5), Park It! personnel will be visible in your neighborhood to discourage non-resident parking.  Staff has been asked to approach anyone parking and ask if they are a resident, and if not, remind the motorist that only residents may park on-street.  If yes a resident, they will be reminded to use their hang tag / decal.

If a resident finds their driveway blocked so that they cannot get in or out,  please call 311.  They will notify us so that we can ticket the car, and arrange a tow.  

Thanks for your help…let me know if you can assist.

Doreen Szymanski
Charlotte Department of Transportation
Public Service & Communications Division Manager